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Born in Oslo, Norway, Ilona received an education in classical music, art, and languages before moving to the United States, where she initially taught music. She has performed at Det Norske Teater, Universitetets Aula, and Oslo Konserthus (Norway), and with the Minnesota Chorale and Minnesota Orchestra at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis (U.S.).

Ilona writes about history, spirituality, health, and the arts.  Her interest in the history of Western civilization includes philosophy and religion, art and architecture, language and etymology, and invention and commerce.  She is inspired by innovative entrepreneurship and leadership, the Founders and their remarkable vision, and acts of courage and service to others.

Her photographic collections feature floral and macro images.  She admires great design in sports cars, fighter jets, and sailboats; the spirit and beauty of horses and dogs; and beauty and excellence in all things.

Ilona has over thirty years of experience as a teacher, workshop facilitator, and speaker.