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Beauty means so much to us because it lifts our spirit.  It is one of those special qualities, like harmony, that make life a joy.  When we open our hearts to beauty, we realize that it is part of a divine language that speaks directly to the soul.  Make time for beautyit will repay you with joy.
Nature reflects elements we too encounter in our lives:  Survival and strength, adaptation and growth, love and tenderness.  It is a mirror for us to see our own nature.  The more we study the forces and patterns around us, the more we see beauty and grace.  Be it on the scale of a tiny flower or a wide landscape, life shows a desire to persist against all odds and grow abundantly.
Delicate yet resilient, flowers are as unique as people.  Like us, they reach for life-giving light and slowly unfold through stages of life.  On lovely summer days, nothing could be better than to explore a garden; to be surrounded by a sea of glorious flowers beaming back at the sun is pure joy.  That is why a journey through a flower bed bathed in rays of light is a slice of heaven.  Let’s always make time to walk in a garden of light.

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